Do your products contain natamycin?
Our products are natural and reliable, and do not contain natamycin, which is a harmful additive.
Do you use milk powder in your products?
We manufacture our products with 100% milk, not milk powder.
Which region’s milk is being used in your cheese production?
We produce our products using the best milk of the Thrace region of Turkey, which is known for being free from diseases.
To which countries do you export cheese-olive?
We deliver our tastes to more than 30 countries, most notably Lebanon, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Libya, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Israel, Palestine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, USA, Jordan, Morocco, Germany and Japan.
Do you have Halal Food Certificate for your products?
We have Halal Food Certificate for all our cheese varieties.
Bulging occurs in cheese products. What’s the reason for that?
The reason for occurrence of bulging in cheese products is a certain break in the cold chain at some point. Consumers should check the shelf at the purchasing location. While the shelf life of products that are stored at +4 – +5 degrees is 100 days, the shelf life of products that are stored at +15 degrees may drop to 10 days. Yeast and gas start to occur during the time when product is exposed to heat. This causes swelling, in other words, bulging in the product.
There occurred a bitter taste in your products. What’s the reason for that?
This problem is also reasoned by high shelf temperature. If temperature indicators of fridges in supermarkets show +4 degrees, it does not mean that the product temperature is +4 degrees. A product starts to mature faster when it is exposed to heat, and that causes a bitter taste.
What causes mold to grow?
When the product is exposed to oxygen, mold starts to grow. The basic reason for that is deformation of package in a way. In vacuumed packages, the vacuum leaks and in hard packages, breaking of the package and exposure of product to oxygen through the broken point cause mold to grow.
What is cold chain?
What is cold chain? Cold chain refers to supply, production, transport and storage of perishable products from the raw material process to delivery of it to the dining tables at appropriate temperature value. All these components constitute the cold chain as a whole. For example, milk that is in raw material stage is taken into tanks at +4 degrees immediately after milking the cows. These tanks are shipped to the factory by special trucks at +4 degrees. Products are stored at fridges at +4 degrees after the production process. They are shipped to supermarkets by trucks at +4 degrees. They are offered for sale on shelves at +4 degrees. Consumers store the product in fridges at +4 degrees. If the product is exposed to temperature over +4/+5 degrees in any of these stages, problems such as spoilage, bulging and/or bitter taste start to occur.
Where are your cheese and olive factories located?
Our cheese factories are located in Malkara/ Tekirdag and Buharkent/ Aydın, and our olive factory is located in Akhisar/ Manisa.